Playing with Words: An Introduction to Creative Writing Craft

Drawing on years of experience of writing, teaching and publishing, this book offers essential tools for anyone interested in honing their craft. With a variety of exercises and freewriting prompts to help you try new styles and approaches, it is suitable for aspiring poets, non-fiction writers, novelists and all lovers of words.


‘For anyone interested in writing, in creativity, in storytelling, in language and expression, this wise and inspiring book is a must. Williams and Davidow have a profound understanding of the artistic process and craft of writing, and indeed, the writer’s heart. ‘Playing with Words is bound to become a classic.’ – Elizabeth McKenzie, author of “The Portable Veblen”

‘As a teaching text, this book gets as close as possible to the actual processes that professional creative writers use. Williams and Davidow interpret the writer’s knowledge for use in the classroom in highly effective ways. It is masterclass thinking made available to all.’ – Nigel Krauth, Griffith University, Australia

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