Men are bastards. Malcolm Scott, medical doctor, from Bangalow, Northern NSW, couldn’t agree more. After all he is one. At fifty, he has a mid-life crisis, and goes on walkabout—no, he does not go bushwhacking in the hot outback of Australia: he surfs internet dating sites. He doesn’t just want an affair with a younger woman–that would be too clichéd. He wants to live an erotic life, to escape the humdrum reality of modern civilisation. He wants to live out all the desires he has repressed his whole life. He wants to smash the whole misconception of monogamy altogether–and to do so without his wife finding out.
But online, he finds perhaps more than he bargained for—a woman who calls herself ‘Lilith’ and never shows her face grants him three erotic wishes—he can have whatever his heart desires, providing he can answer one simple question: what is it that women want?


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