Look out Wilbur Smith, Dan Brown and James Patterson…. here comes NYMPHET
Nymphet is a racy adult thriller about N.Y.M.P.H.E.T,  an international underground organisation that traps men in its sticky web of sex, deceit and treachery. Beware! It will trap you too….
Tom Stanton is an American visiting London who is mistaken for an agent of this insidious pedophile ring, and because he sees too much, is forced to join the organisation.Annetjie van der Merwe a South African 22 year old is recruited by Nymphet and trained by the enigmatic ‘Uncle Jack’ to become the ultimate in men’s fantasies.

Philip Manning is the detective who obsessively pursues the false leads Nymphet leaves, and is determined to stop this girl-trafficking once and for ever.

Nymphet gives men who have the money their ultimate fantasies, and operates internationally with reckless impunity, covering its tracks with dead bodies and shadow murderers.

Spanning three continents, from the UK to the USA to Africa, this adult novel reveals the depths of depravity some men will go to fulfil their ultimate fantasies.

available on Amazon Kindle http://www.amazon.com/Nymphet-ebook/dp/B008H4W7WA

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