Author’s note

This story is based on real events that happened, in a different time and a different place, but true nevertheless. In real life, seven girls were kidnapped, and they were never found. Maddy is based on a real girl who in the same way as in this book escaped and led the police to her kidnappers.




10 years old


Brunswick Kite Festival

Brunswick Heads, NSW

13 April at approx. 2 pm

On a dark night, Maddy Stevens, 10, opens a Book of Magick Spells and recites a spell: to find the perfect boyfriend. Her best friend Meaghan casts another spell to bring about the safe return of three girls who have gone missing in the Byron Bay area. Little do they realise that these spells will plunge them into a dark world of adventure they didn’t bargain for.

The next day, after playing music at the Brunswick Kite Festival, Maddy is kidnapped and imprisoned. Everyone fears she’s dead.

But Maddy is no ordinary girl. She has many magic spells to help her. She can separate mind from body. She can see cracks in people’s souls. And she can outwit her kidnappers.

Maddy escapes, but she is still not safe: she knows too much. Mr ‘M’ the man behind the kidnappings is still out there, and is coming back to get her.

With the help of her magic book of spells, her friend Meaghan, and (unbeknown to her) a boy called Timothy Edge, she has to find the three missing girls, and the mysterious Mr M—before he finds her.




  1. How to make a hunky guy
  2. How to find missing people
  3. How to rewind time
  4. How to separate your mind from your body
  5. How to make time go faster
  6. How to tell if someone’s soul is cracked
  7. How to make people go away who are bothering you
  8. How to reveal the truth
  9. How to find shadow people
  10. How to destroy shadow people
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