Paul Williams is such a common name that you may be forgiven for thinking that he is a science fiction writer, singer songwriter, movie star, Middle Eastern expert, academic in Brisbane, London, New York.  So though I could take credit for all these things, as we are after all, All One. I’m not all these people. Even if you type in Soldier Blue (my memoir)  and ‘Paul Williams’, you find that I made a movie of that name in 1970… and that my novel Secret of Old Mukiwa will bring up Peter Godwin’s Novel Mukiwa

How about typing in Paul Andrew Williams? No.There are still thousands of people with that name. Paul Smiley Williams? (My nickname from school, Williams backwards was Smailliw)? But Smiley is such a common nickname, and if you want an email with smiley as a username, it has to be smiley6948 underscore overscore dash hyphen… or how about my  mother’s maiden name: Cavedaschi? Ball Wheel-Yams? Poorly Wylymz?

Or maybe it’s OK to be invisible, snuggled intertextually between the thousands of other Paul Williams’s, producing novels with the same names as other novels and movies. After all, everything is a palimpsest. Look carefully at my writing and you will see the layers showing through…


Paul Andrew Smiley (Smailliw) Cavedaschi Williams, D.W.M.

dead white male

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