Young adult speculative novel series called PARALLAX (Zharmae Publishing) was first published because the publisher like the freckles in the book!

‘I recently signed a book called Parallax. I knew by the time I got to the word freckles that I was a goner. It was a done deal and I was less than 10 pages in. Did I read the entire book? Yes. Did I read it before I offered the author a contract? Nope. Because when you know, you know.’

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I talk a lot about the process of writing this book in my Creative Writing lectures at the university of the sunshine Coast because it’s one of those books that came out of a question: what is animals really were equal to humans? Would we have to have an animal police to patrol and make sure animals were being treated fairly? Would it be illegal to eat meat (murder, cannibalism!) , or keep pets (slavery!). The book comes from when I was 11 years old and I really wanted to change the world and start the Animal Police. I hated cruelty to animals (and still do), and though we have made progress since  I was 11, I think we have a long way to go.

Freckles was a real girl (tom boy) called Jennifer, and we were inseparable at that age, having adventures and exploring caves (just like in the book). Gustave too is based on a real friend of mine who really did have a hole in his heart and was only meant to live a year longer.

I am fascinated by the prospect of parallel universes too: can we live parallel lives? Can we change the reality we live in by slipping into another universe?


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