A young adult novel series about parallel universes, animal police and freckles.

Parallax51OOGtGEJOL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A boy stumbles into a parallel world where–it seems–everything he wanted the world to be is true: animal suffering is abolished, humans live in harmony with nature, and justice is done–but not all is as perfect as it appears


Very good read, highly recommend. November 17, 2014

By Bronzeage

Parallax is a sort of Tom Sawyer meets Gulliver’s Travels, with a little Brave New World and 1984, thrown in. The story is well written and concise.
The hero of the story is Danny, and idealistic young boy, growing up in a grimy Australian mining town of Sulphide. He dreams of a world where people respect life, especially animal life. He has two companions, a girl named Jennifer and a frail boy named Gustav. Sulphide is a grim place, complete with neighborhood bullies who have no respect for Danny’s animal loving ideals. He discovers a cave which is a portal to parallel versions of his town, but like most portals, it’s unreliable and difficult to control. He and his companions use the portal to travel to different versions of Sulphide, some Utopian versions of his dream world and some quite Dystopian. By the end of their adventure, they discover to key to control the portal. As in any good adventure ordeal, Danny and his friends return to their home world and find the experience has given them the courage needed to face the bullies and other hazards of real life.


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